Nesh Light is a Germany-based singer-songwriter, born in Hungary. She has a modern, dynamic, emotional voice which she combines with acoustic and electronic elements. 

She is an ex-radio-reporter and ex-refugee camp-worker. A thirtysomething introvert, an Y Generation neighbor girl, a tomboy, who doesn't like small talk. 

She is a free soul, a cautious rebel, writing songs about her social and ecological worries, personal struggles and her aha-moments. When she writes songs, she likes getting inspired by books, or great writer’s quotes.

Her biggest influences are Tracy Chapman, Jason Mraz, K T Tunstall, John Mayer, India Arie and Alec Benjamin. 

Her secret mission is connecting with great people through her songs, and hoping to bring them together around a stage in nature, in a library, an art gallery or a living room.